Romaška Program


 Romaška offers a unique program

Romaška, a gypsy dance group offers performances with content. 

We offer you a show in the style of a gypsy tabor (commune, family) –  with dances, songs and energy that will not leave anyone indifferent. Our programs include cultural and historical elements, Roma tradition elements. Romaška is a special tabor where each participant is a colorful character and no skirt is alike.  We give you a smile and a good mood!

Gypsy dancers can be invited anywhere!

You have a birthday, wedding? Or you organizing an event where live entertainment is needed? Corporate party, seminar, annual meeting? Do you want to see an hour-long dance show on stage? Or you want to surprise someone or  you want to surprise yourself?

You can invite a whole group - a gypsy camp (13 dancers and a singer) or a small group (5 dancers) or a solo dancer / duet / trio.

Everything according to your wishes and possibilities! Feel free to scroll down! :)

Various "packages":

  • "Happy Birthday" (congratulatory package)
  • "Girls' Night - Gypsy Style"
  • "Party hosting" / (package for 1-2 hours, with dances)
  • Salon package with gypsy legends, songs on guitar, and dancing. (duration 1 hour)
  • “Become a surprise number yourself” (it is possible to learn the dance and perform it for others)
  • "Master class / training for dancers" - (teaching a dance in a group)
  • Master class "Roma dance for everyone" - regardless of age and experience, everyone can put on skirts and learn one dance. In addition, we will introduce the history and customs of the Roma (duration 2 hours)
  • Costume Rental - (costume rental for stylish parties)
  • "Talk on Roma culture" (the most interesting nuances of culture and history, etc.)
  • Talk on Russian Roma dance "What does a  dance consist of"
  • Dance and concert performance in the style of a gypsy tabor "Where the wind takes us" (duration 45 min-1 hour)
  • Fantasy packages: for example, “Once Upon a Time at the Port”, “Tabor arrived at the fair; Gypsy dance cafe, etc. - there is no limit to fantasy.


If you are interested in one of these "packages", please contact us and we will send you more information about the content and price. Or do you have a completely new idea? Everything is simple in our hands! 😊

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