Welcome to Romaška´s homepage!

Romaška is a small but ardent gypsy (Ruska Roma) dance group whose history began in January 2017. The name Romaška carries multilayered meaning. Starting with the prefix “roma”, Romaška also means “daisy” in Romani language. It is a flower of love (loves-me, loves-me-not :) and its disk is like a yellow sun, which brings all people (petals) together. Dancing has the same wonderful power!

Short video cut of our concert with Roma legends, dances and songs titled "Between the land and heaven"

Romaška is growing in Tartu (Estonia), but the wind can occasionally carry us to other great places and happy people!

We offer a unique program. Please read here!

We offer Gipsy Dance Workshop for everyone.

See you soon! :)

We would love to hear about your good thoughts and ideas, or if you have any questions, please write to Pille: 


You can write either in Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish or Spanish.

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